We are delighted to announce that from 2023, Stamford will become fully co-educational at all stages. For more information, please visit Stamfordcoed.org

What are the Stamford Schools?

Stamford is currently structured in the “diamond” model, in which children are taught in single-sex classes between the ages of 11-16.

In May 2022, the Governors announced that the Schools will become fully co-educational from September 2023.

Although the diamond model has served us well, the educational and social landscape has changed significantly in the past two decades and the Governors now believe that a fully co-educational environment will give our students the best opportunities and outcomes, both academically and pastorally.

You can find out more about our plans here.


Our Values

At Stamford we stand by three words:

Team, Fire, Spirit

In our values, we use the word team to describe the principle of support; fire to describe opportunity; and spirit to describe individuality.


We will welcome pupils of a wide range of abilities and ambitions.

We will build a supportive team around every child, to support their wellbeing, and their mental, emotional and physical health.

We will value our staff, reward them fairly and support them.

We will respect our parents, donors and supporters, and make the best possible use of our resources.

We will respect and support our local community.


We will ensure every student has access to an appropriate, contemporary education of an outstanding and nationally-recognised standard.

We will support our students in pursuing their passions, whatever inspires them.

We will excite and inspire our students in all that they do.


We will value spirit, character, and individuality.

Our Aims

It is from our core values that we derive the aims of our Schools:

  • We will equip our students with the skills, characteristics and qualities to lead happy, meaningful and successful lives.
  • We will develop in them the ability to analyse, to think for themselves and to interpret the world around them.
  • We will teach them to embrace technology and innovation wherever it can support and enhance our lives and our planet.
  • We will teach them how to find happiness through their friendships, families and relationships.
  • We will ensure they leave us as confident, autonomous young adults, self-sufficient, independent, and ready to take their next steps in the world.

Meet the leadership team

Will Phelan

Principal of the Stamford Schools

Will Phelan, has been with the Schools for a decade; as Principal for the past five years, and as Head of Stamford School for the five years prior. Before this, Will was the Deputy Head at Warwick and the Head of Sixth Form at Abingdon. Mr Phelan can often be found pitch-side or front row at a lunchtime music concert or drama performance; has a strong background in sports coaching and is particularly driven when it comes to the visual arts, music and drama.

Will Phelan

Matthew O’Reilly

Head of Stamford Junior School

Matthew O’Reilly studied at Newcastle University before completing his PGCE at the University of Cambridge. He joined St Mary’s Junior School, Cambridge, in 2011, and was promoted to Head Teacher in 2016, before taking up the reins at Stamford in 2021. Mr O’Reilly’s approach as an education professional is to inspire children to strive for excellence, by helping them to discover the interests and passions that will keep learning exciting. Mr O’Reilly supports every child to achieve their best, without compromising on happiness.

Matthew O’Reilly

Vicky Buckman

Head of Stamford High School

As both the daughter and sister of Heads, there was a certain inevitability that Vicky Buckman would want to lead her own school eventually. Stepping into a single-sex school was a new journey, following a lifetime spent in co-educational establishments, but, having visited the School, and met the students, Vicky knew it was the School she was keen to lead and develop. Mrs Buckman is passionate about outcomes for young people and strives to provide an environment where everyone will find their niche, achieve their very best academically and face the world with the skills, confidence and determination to make a difference.

Vicky Buckman

Nick Gallop

Head of Stamford School

Nick Gallop has worked in education for more than 25 years, teaching at several of the country’s largest independent, state, day and boarding schools during that time. Mr Gallop is a leading advocate of the holistic and rounded education that Stamford School provides for boys – one that blends the most innovative and creative approaches to learning, in its widest possible sense, with the School’s traditional values and ethos. As a governor of a local primary school, Mr Gallop champions the vital importance of the roots and connections that  Stamford School has with its community.

Nick Gallop

Dean White

Bursar and Clerk to the Governor

Dr Dean White joined the School in 2019 as Bursar and Clerk to the Governor.  As Bursar he is responsible for managing the School’s operational departments and the School’s finances; he also works closely with the Principal and Governors on the strategic leadership of the School and sits on the Senior Executive Team.  Dean is a Chartered Accountant by background, and prior to moving into the education sector worked in the Big 4 and held a number of finance roles across a range of industries.  Dean is a graduate of Durham University (St Cuthbert’s Society).  He also read for a PhD in history at Northumbria University; and continues to undertake research and write academic reviews on the subject of international peacekeeping.  Dean is a Governor of an independent prep school in Cambridge and a member of the Audit & Risk Committee at Newcastle University.

Dean White

Hannah Hamilton

Director of Development and External Relations

Hannah Hamilton started her career as a broadcast journalist, and spent six years in public relations consultancy, including crisis management for the NHS and the Care Commission, before specialising in marketing and communications in the education sector. Hannah joined Stamford as Director of Development and External Relations in 2018, and is responsible for managing communications, marketing, student recruitment, alumni relations and development. A graduate of the University of Dundee, Hannah is a former Vice Chair of Admissions, Marketing & Communications in Independent Schools (AMCIS), and a former Regional Vice President of the Institute of Development Professionals in education (IDPE). She is a regular speaker on marketing and development topics, including creativity, marketing strategy, crisis management and school partnerships.

Hannah Hamilton

The Town of Stamford

Stamford is a beautiful and safe Georgian town known for its historic buildings and copious shops and cafes. With a vibrant population of nearly 21,000 people, its location in the East of England and practical transport links make it a popular commuter town for growing families.

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The Town of Stamford

History of the Schools

Our Schools date back to the 16th century, when the Alderman of Stamford William Radcliffe founded the School. Later in the 1800’s a medieval wool merchant, William Browne,  re-endowed the School and funded the High School.

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History of the Schools

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