What are the Stamford Endowed Schools?

The Stamford Endowed Schools are made up of the Stamford Nursery School and Stamford Junior School, Stamford High School and Stamford School. Our children begin their journey at the Stamford Nursery School at age two, progressing to Stamford Junior School at age four until eleven. The children are taught co-educationally.

At age eleven, boys begin at Stamford School and girls at Stamford High School. We accept entry into any year although Years 7 and 9 are the most common entry points. Teaching boys and girls separately provide a proven academic advantage during the period from age 11 to GCSEs. Boys and girls are still able to mix in many co-curricular activities. We like to call this single-sex academic, mixed education.

Girls and boys remain affiliated with their Schools and come back into the classroom together in the Sixth Form, where study requires a more mature character and attention is given to preparing the students for life beyond the Schools. Our Sixth Form is hugely popular and attracts additional students from across the region.

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History of the Schools

Our Schools date back to the 16th century, when the Alderman of Stamford William Radcliffe founded the School. Later in the 1800’s a medieval wool merchant, William Browne,  re-endowed the School and funded the High School.

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History of the Schools

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