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’11 voices’ join the #iamremarkable campaign

’11 voices’ join the #iamremarkable campaign

’11 Voices’, a group of Year 13 Students from Stamford Sixth Form, are encouraging their peers to join in with the positivity movement ‘#iamremarkable’ which has recently been trending online, to empower women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements.

The group have set up a display board in the alcove at Stamford High School, where others can submit their anonymous entries all beginning ‘#iamremarkable because…”, with the aim to encourage pupils to take confidence in talking about their accomplishments and expressing their achievements.

The 11 voices group was set up over lockdown; 11 pupils from the Sixth Form have chosen to begin a blog to cover topics such as feminism, veganism and racism. Their blog can be accessed here. They also share useful resources and raise awareness of topics of importance on their Instagram account, which can be found here.

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