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Rotary Disability Games returns to Stamford

Rotary Disability Games returns to Stamford

The Rotary Disability Games 2019 for the Eastern region (1070 District) took place on Sunday 14th April at the Stamford Endowed Schools’ Sports Centre and welcomed more than 200 competitors from the region taking part in nine disciplines. These disciplines included swimming, rifle shooting, table tennis, boccia, kurling, table tennis, darts and wheelchair dash and slalom. Two local heroes, Rachel Williamson – Invictus Games 2018 six-time medallist, and Ali Waddie four-time medallist at the Warrior Games 2018 supported and encouraged the competitors throughout the day.

The Stamford Endowed Schools were honoured to host the Rotary Disability Games 2019 organised by the Rotary Club of Stamford involving competitors from all neighbouring Rotary Clubs in District 1070 including Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, parts of Lincolnshire and Rutland.

These games showcased competitive spirit and resilience at its best as well as a celebration of sport at all levels. These Disability Games provide an excellent local platform for the competitors to realise their potential and to encourage them in their quest to achieving individual goals and milestones thereby motivating them to enjoy further success. Team, fire and spirit is embedded across Stamford Endowed Schools and is so fitting with this display of talent.

The organising committee comprising members of the Stamford Rotary Club as well as neighbouring Rotary Clubs have, in conjunction with Stamford Endowed Schools, worked tirelessly to organise and facilitate these games and should be commended for their hard work and dedication.

Will Phelan, Principal of the Stamford Endowed Schools commented:

‘We were delighted to be able to support this fantastically inspirational event. The competitors displayed a great deal of competitive spirit, resilience and sheer dogged determination. At Stamford Endowed Schools, we believe it is vital to support the local community and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Rotarians to help them deliver these Games once again. May I congratulate the organising committee for all their efforts and commitment.’

Jim Guthrie, Disability Games Committee chairman said:

For the second year running it was amazing to see the incredible competitive spirit shown by all the competitors taking part in the nine different sports. The delight of those who won prizes was wonderful to see and, as all participants were awarded a medal in recognition of their dedication, their joy was complete. Added to their excitement was the opportunity in asking for the autographs of Rachel Williamson and Alison Waddie, participants in the Invictus and Warrior Games respectively.

This whole uplifting experience was made possible by the many people and companies eager to help that it is somewhat invidious to mention only a few – firstly, the school who freely lend their premises and their staff; the companies like Buckles who very generously sponsored the T-shirts and Waitrose, who donated lunches for the competitors: Barker Signs, D Squared and Creative Design & Print were all local companies who contributed greatly in advertising design and materials. Because the shooting event was held some distance from the main buildings we were hugely indebted to Bradshaws of Stibbington who loaned four golf buggies which proved invaluable and popular. A great day out and I suspect there are a few people walking on air this week.’

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