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A Birthday Party for Barnaby Bear

A Birthday Party for Barnaby Bear

Children from Stamford Junior School have been learning about birthdays and celebrations by holding a party for one of the School’s teddy bears.

Friday 13th November marked a very special day for our Year 1 pupils as it was Barnaby Bear’s birthday.

Barnaby Bear is the Year One bear, who in normal circumstances, has letters written to him by the children so he can then visit them at their house for the weekend.

At present, Barnaby’s weekends away cannot take place, so the children were particularly excited to prepare and celebrate Barnaby’s 6th birthday this year.

The preparations included creating mind maps to plan the party, writing the invitations to the other teddy bears in the class, and creating wonderful party decorations including a 30 meter paper chain (just over 50 miles too short of a World Record but impressive all the same!)

The final preparations included decorating individual cakes to create some very cute and delicious bear cupcakes.

Barnaby Bear's Birthday

Mrs McDermott, teacher of Key Stage one, said: “The children had a wonderful afternoon helping Barnaby celebrate his birthday. We played party games, sang Happy Birthday, helped Barnaby unwrap his present and of course ate our delicious bear cupcakes…at the end of the afternoon a very weary Barnaby Bear said goodbye to the children.”

In normal circumstances when Barnaby can visit the pupils at home, the children write up their adventures in Barnaby’s diary and look after him, encouraging them to develop their independent writing and think about routines.

Barnaby Bear's Birthday

We hope that Barnaby can enjoy his weekends away once again very soon.

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