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A Royal Term of Events

A Royal Term of Events

Year one at Stamford Junior School have culminated their studies into castles and monarchs by building their own castles and learning how to defeat dragons!

The children spend the last term focusing on castles and famous monarchs, first investigating famous castles, and understanding which features of a castle are important for defending and attacking.

Children designed their own castles, constructing their models from recycled materials (lots of cereal boxes, carboard tubes, masking tape and lollypop sticks!) before painting on their designs, and adding arrow slits and portcullises.

Once dried, their models were proudly taken home where they now take pride of place in many bedrooms and playrooms! Parents tell us that the children have recreated sieges and famous battle scenes at home with their own toys.

An exploration of life inside a castle ended their ‘towers and turrets’ topic. Having researched famous Kings and Queens, the children were amazed and appalled in equal measure listening to stories and tales from centuries gone by.

Term ended with the annual ‘Kings and Queens day’, where children came into School in their most regal costumes. All Kings, Queens, Princesses, Knights and Dragons were celebrated in the ‘Royal Parade’ before they were sent to ‘Knight School’.

Knight School put the children through their paces, learning how to ride a horse into battle, wield a sword and defeat a dragon! They ended the day making crowns, bejewelling crown bisucits, making split pin knights and creating a Year 1 coat-of-arms.

Tired Kinds and Queens retired home to their castles at the end of the day, telling us it was ‘the best day ever!’

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