We are delighted to announce that from 2023, Stamford will become fully co-educational at all stages. For more information, please visit Stamfordcoed.org

Adopting the BSA COVID-Safe Charter

Adopting the BSA COVID-Safe Charter

The Stamford Endowed Schools are proud to announce that, alongside over 100 Schools across the UK, we are taking coordinated action by adopting the BSA COVID-Safe Charter: ensuring the safety of our students and staff when living, working and studying at the Schools.

The charter is a voluntary code, which aims to provide reassurance of the Schools’ dedication to take all appropriate measures to keep our boarding and teaching environments safe.

We fully support the measures presented in the code, and want to make returning to, and joining, our Schools a simple and safe process for all of those involved.

If you would like more information, please read the charter yourself here.


Please also note that as the pandemic response evolves, the BSA expects the charter to also evolve.  This will include a reflection of localised needs and the translation of the charter into additional key languages. For the most up to date information regarding these changes, please visit the Boarding Schools Association website, here.


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