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Alex releases history podcast

Alex releases history podcast

Alexander Ismail, a Year 13 student from Stamford School, has started a history podcast, helping aspiring historians keep learning through lockdown.

His podcast, ‘You learn something old every day’ debuted on Monday, with new 20-minute episodes released 5 days a week, and a special 6th episode airing once a month. It can be accessed through his Twitter @learn_old and multiple platforms including Spotify and Apple music.

Alex Ismail - EPQ on civil war

Discussing why he chose to start the podcast, Alex said: “I’ve always been interested in history: as a little kid it took the form of dinosaurs and knights through to the Greeks and Egyptians. I’d owned almost every horrible history book and could nearly recall them off by heart!”

In secondary school I enjoyed learning about WW2 and found interests in the English Civil War and Medieval History. My history teacher at Stamford Sixth Form, Mr Stamp, taught in a very engaging way – which made me want to go home and learn and read more – and I decided history was what I wanted to do!”

I’ve decided to start a podcast now because I couldn’t find much that interested me that was already out there (apart from Dan Carlin’s hardcore history – for any serious history fans). So, I thought I’d do something that I’d enjoy – and hopefully other people will enjoy to – and get to learn a lot more history knowledge before I head off to University!”

Alex has recently completed an extended project qualification on the role of the town of Newark in the English Civil War. He plans to study history at the University of Nottingham in September, having spent much of his last summer at the University’s library, researching for his coursework.

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