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Amelia sells necklaces for NHS charities

Amelia sells necklaces for NHS charities

Old Stamfordian, Amelia Hubbard, has been fundraising for NHS charities through sales of her limited edition rainbow necklaces, and has raised £650 to date.

Originally setting out to sell 50 necklaces, she has now sold over 180, having donated 100% of the profits to NHS Charities Together.

Amelia commented on her website: “I have just donated the amazing £650 profits from the sales of the Covid-19 Charity Necklace! I sold 184 necklaces in total and can’t believe how much money I have raised for our wonderful NHS.

NHS Charities Together supports NHS staff, volunteers and patients in many ways including the longer term mental health recovery of staff and patients who have been affected by the virus, this is something particularly important to me. They also provide wellbeing packs, test and recuperation rooms and electronic tablets for isolated patients, all part of the NHS Charities National Covid-19 Urgent Appeal.

I was aiming to sell 50 necklaces (thinking this was ambitious!) so am thrilled to be able to donate such a large sum of money to such an important cause. 100% of the profits I made have been donated – at a total of £650! Thank you so much – stay safe & keep an eye out for more charity items to come in the future!”

Having first begun to make and sell her jewellery on ‘Depop’ whilst studying at Stamford High School, Amelia now has her own website, which can be found here. 

Old Stamfordian, Annabelle Wells, has also been raising money for ‘NHS Charities Together’, through sale of her artwork prints. To read the full story, please click here.



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