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Antarctica Day Flag Competition 2021/22

Antarctica Day Flag Competition 2021/22

A Year 7 student at each Senior School has won a flag competition in celebration of Antarctica Day, and have had their flags taken to Antarctica.

The competition posed students to make an Antarctic flag whilst raising awareness for the Antarctic treaty, run by the UK Polar Network (more information here).

Head of Geography at Stamford High School, Mr Smith said: “Our Year 7 students have designed some superb flags for the continent of Antarctica this year.  The competition is designed to create awareness of why it is important for us to protect one of the Earth’s last natural wildernesses.  We had some inspired entries this year.  It was clear that our students had really thought about the brief given to them, the importance of the Antarctic Treaty, as well as portraying the importance of geography, science and flora and fauna.  Like last year – penguins were a popular design choice!”

The winner at Stamford High School is Mattie, and the winner at Stamford School is Monty. Photos of their flags in antarctica are below:

Mattie's Flag in Antarctica

Antarctica day board

To see last year’s competition, please click here.

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