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Blue Plaques Unveiled

Blue Plaques Unveiled

Park House, one of the Schools’ boarding houses located on Park Lane, received a Blue Plaque on Saturday 18 June, as the Stamford Civic Society celebrated Harry Burton, who was born in a house where Park House now stands.

Although he may not be a household name, Harry Burton helped to document one of the most famous archaeological discoveries of all time – the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Civic Society chairman Jim Mason spoke to the Stamford Mercury and said “He came from a modest background in Stamford and during the late 1800s people from unexpected places like Lincolnshire travelled widely and made a living for themselves in world connections forged through the British Empire.”

The unveiling of the plaque is one of three this year from the Civic Society, who have also honoured John Pick, whose garage was located near Stamford High School on High Street St Martins, as well as Old Stamfordian Colin Dexter (OS 48), creator of the Inspector Morse series of books.

Mr Dexter grew up in Scotgate, where his father owned a garage, and it is here that the plaque was unveiled. He attended Stamford School between 1941 – 1948 after winning a scholarship and, amongst other achievements, represented the school in rugby, playing for the First XV alongside future England international in both rugby and cricket M.J.K. Smith.

Mr Mason said of Colin Dexter, “He was responsible for the creation of one of the most enduring figures of modern popular fiction as well as an unrivalled phenomenon in the international world of television.”

Stamford School Rugby First XV 1948

Stamford School Rugby First XV, 1948: Colin Dexter, front centre, with MJK Smith seated to his right

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