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Brooke presents new science series

Brooke presents new science series

Year 11 student at Stamford High School, Brooke Fleming, discusses her latest role presenting a new show unraveling the mysteries of space, and her accompanying book series.

Brooke has begun filming for the science series ‘Explorer’ with Cinalight Studios, who are billing her as ‘the next young Professor Brian Cox’. This series follows Brooke’s debut with Cinalight in their sci-fi adventure series, Luna Squad, filmed 2019.

Brooke explained that Explorer is a new, factual show looking at space and science, developed to explore some of the ‘big questions’. It is due to air on Amazon Video from May.  Brooke said: “The trailers look great! The visuals combined with the facts will hopefully make it a really engaging show.

“When Cinalight asked if I would be interested in creating a new show, exploring space and science, I jumped at the chance. It was different to filming ‘The Luna Squad’ as there, there were always a lot of us on set (being a bit silly behind the scenes!) With Explorer it was just me and the crew, but we still had a lot of fun!”

“Filming Explorer has been a great experience as it is different to the acting roles I have had before. Presenting is different as there isn’t always a script to learn, sometimes there is just a message to get across – so that took a bit of getting used to.

“Other times there have been long and factual paragraphs to learn, and because they are factual you can’t change it, like you sometimes do when acting! As I am interested in space and science it has just been like exploring a hobby and sharing it with others.

“It has been really lovely to produce another show with Cinalight. I first worked with Leon Mitchell and Cinalight when I got the role of Ashley in The Luna Squad. The Luna Squad is out now on Amazon Video and sees a group of school children going on a time travelling adventure in search of a UFO, whilst avoiding the dark side.”

Cinalight have also encouraged Brooke to write a series of books, exploring some of the topics discussed in ‘Explorer’ in a more accessible format for younger children and teens. Brooke wrote her first three ‘Did You Know..’ books, about The Sun, The Moon, and The Earth, in the Autumn Term, when Covid-19 restrictions kept her at home.

Discussing her book series, Brooke said: “These are full of fun facts and lovely images and are available as iBooks to download. Later this year, around June, I am having another book published ‘The Periodic Table’ which looks at each of the elements and explains some of the terminology. This will be available in bookstores.

“Although I think that this last year has been incredibly challenging with Covid restrictions, it has given me additional at home time to focus on Explorer and my books.”

One of the biggest questions we had for Brooke was regarding how she managed to fit so much co-curricular activity in around her studies. Brooke told us: “I have managed to balance my filming commitments and school work through careful time management. Some of the filming has taken place locally which was really convenient as I didn’t have to spend time travelling! I am really looking forward to the Covid restrictions easing though, so that we can film more easily, involve others, and explore more locations. Plus I can’t wait to catch up with family and friends!”

Brooke is soon to begin her first tour of schools and libraries, promoting her series and books. Each visit will involve a short talk accompanied by clips from Explorer, a hands on experiment, and some props for children to handle and explore. This is aimed to begin in the summer months, dependent on Covid-19 restrictions.

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