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Browne Host Cheese and Wine Tasting

Browne Host Cheese and Wine Tasting

With ‘Boarders Formal’ cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions, the boys of Browne House have shared festive celebrations with a cheese and wine evening, organised and coordinated by their Houseparents, in their household bubble.

Boys sampled two white wines (an Italian Gavi and a French Pouilly-Fumé) and two red wines (A New Zealand Pinot Noir and an Italian Organic Primativo). These were paired with various cheeses including a creamy Brie, two British Cheddars, a Mont D’Or Mountain cheese and a Roquefort Blue.

Mr Ware, House parent of Browne, said: “The Pouilly Fume was the marmite wine with many lovers and many saying it had too many ‘legs’. The overwhelming favourites of the evening were the Castello Creamy Brie Cheese and the Waitrose Organic Primativo.

“Elliot Bratton getting his DJing set out was a real highlight -although the music started ‘heavy’ and just stayed there… The boys, matron and Mrs Ware all enjoyed a good dance!”

Ben McSorley, Year 13, said: “It was an exquisite evening that tickled the taste buds”. With Seb Porter, Year 12, adding: “It was great to have a night off from these tricky times and just enjoy good music, fine wine and great company.”

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