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Song in Memory of the Duke of Edinburgh

Old Stamfordian, Henry Dawe (OS 01) has showcased his creative flair by releasing a song in memory of the Duke of Edinburgh, raising funds for...
25 Jun

60 years since the Royal visit

Sixty years ago, on June 19th, 1961, the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Stamford as part of the town’s quincentenary celebrations. Archivist, Mr...
17 Jun

Old Stamfordian Awarded Medal

An Old Stamfordian has been recognised with a Medal for his role in the Geotechnical Engineering Community. Congratulations to Old Stamfordian, David Beadman (OS 75),...
26 Feb

Memories of John Hale

The Schools' Archivist, Mr James Buckman, shares the history of John Hale, Headmaster of Stamford School from 1997. John Hale came from the Welsh mining...
21 Jan

SES Sporting Heritage

In this article, our Schools’ Archivist, Mr J Buckman, summarises the history of some of the sports played at the Stamford Endowed Schools. Please scroll...
25 Sep

Heritage Open Days

The Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days, which were due to occur at the Schools across the weekends of 12-13, and 19-20 September 2020, have unfortunately have...
11 Sep

Archivist reveals history of Stamford School Chapel

Stamford Endowed Schools' Archivist, Mr James Buckman, has revealed the history of the historic Chapel at Stamford School. Origins The Chapel is the oldest part...
23 Jun

Stamford Schools' Archivist explores the life of F.J. Cummins

Our Stamford Schools' Archivist, Mr James Buckman, explores the history of pupil and staff member, Mr Francis John Cummins, who was a lifelong member of...
01 Jun

History of Frank Woodward (Second Master, 1898-1903)

Our Stamford Schools' Archivist, Mr James Buckman, shares the history of Frank Woodward, Second Master from 1898-1903. This follows on from his previous article, considering...
09 Apr

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