We are delighted to announce that from 2023, Stamford will become fully co-educational at all stages. For more information, please visit Stamfordcoed.org

Drama News

Theatre Thursdays: Death on a Train

The Stamford Schools are proud to present our Theatre Thursdays’ production, Death on a Train, performed by SS Year 10 and 11 pupils. Mr Ratchett...
20 May

Theatre Thursdays: The Marriage of the Mislaid Minor

Our latest installment into our 'Theatre Thursdays' series features the SHS Years 10-11 production, melodrama “The Marvellous Mellow Melodrama of the Marriage of the Mislaid...
12 May

Theatre Thursdays: Saturn Base Nova

The Stamford Schools are proud to present our second 'Theatre Thursdays' production, 'Saturn Base Nova'.  To watch the full performance, please click here, and log...
05 May

'Theatre Thursdays' – Releasing “The Show Must Go On(line)” Performance Projects

Mrs C Hill, Head of Drama (Performance) introduces our latest showcase... "At the Stamford Schools, we are proud that, over the most challenging period for...
22 Apr

Megan discusses TikTok success

A Year 13 student at Stamford Sixth Form, Megan Bolton, has seen the following on her TikTok channel rise to over 1.7 million followers, with...
01 Apr

Brooke presents new science series

Year 11 student at Stamford High School, Brooke Fleming, discusses her latest role presenting a new show unraveling the mysteries of space, and her accompanying...
03 Mar

The Show Must Go On(line)!

Students from across the Stamford Endowed Schools are continuing to showcase their drama performances with productions rehearsed, filmed and shared online. Mrs C Hill, Head...
21 Jan

Frantic Assembly Workshop Goes On

Year 12 students at the Stamford Schools have still been able to enjoy the Schools' annual workshop by theatre production company, Frantic Assembly, which has...
18 Nov

'The show must go on!' at SJS

Year one pupils at Stamford Junior School have transformed their classrooms into a West End Theatre, after their annual theatre trip was unfortunately cancelled. In...
07 Nov

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