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Spooky Celebrations in the Boarding Houses!

With Halloween fast approaching, Stamford Schools' boarding houses Byard and St Michael's have been taking part in some spooky group activities!   Take a look...
20 Oct

Student donations support foodbank

Students from across the Stamford Schools have celebrated the Harvest Festival through donating to the Stamford Foodbank, collecting over 17 boxes of foods and home...
17 Oct

Ben Thompson opens virtual Stamford Lecture series

Early October saw the Schools' Stamford Lecture Series ‘go online’ for the first time as the Schools were honoured to welcome BBC News presenter Ben...
16 Oct

Reading Passport Pizza Party

Congratulations go to Seb Lalley, Josey Sturgess, Tom Gray, Shobin Mitchell and Rory Jones, who have all completed their Reading Passports! Each of the boys...
15 Oct

Calligraphy and Communication...

Continuing in their sessions on 'Becoming a Modern Gentleman', Year 9 pupils at Stamford School have been learning the art of communication with Miss Woodward....
07 Oct

Sunday Chapel Service

Please visit back to this page each week for a virtual Sunday morning service from the Stamford Endowed Schools. Welcome to our Sunday Service from...
25 Sep

Prefects discuss Year 12 buddy scheme

The new cohort of Prefects at Stamford High School have been paired with new Year 12 girls in a 'buddy' scheme to help them settle...
22 Sep

Heritage Open Days

The Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days, which were due to occur at the Schools across the weekends of 12-13, and 19-20 September 2020, have unfortunately have...
11 Sep

Lottie begins philosophy podcast

A Sixth Form student has created a podcast series to encourage her peers to learn more about one of her favourite subjects, philosophy. Lottie Pike,...
04 Sep

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