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Geography News

Antarctica Day Flag Competition 2021/22

A Year 7 student at each Senior School has won a flag competition in celebration of Antarctica Day, and have had their flags taken to...
08 Dec

Stamford High School Become Worldwise Quiz Winners

The Stamford Schools have won the local round of the Worldwise Geography Quiz, with Stamford High School becoming the champions of 2021. The Worldwise Quiz...
30 Oct

Students "Green Up" their act

Students at Stamford High School have been learning to 'Green up their act' through a day of sustainability workshops. A day of workshops has been...
24 Oct

Y11 'dive in' to Geography at the River Qwash

Year 11 students from the Stamford Schools have enjoyed a day exploring the River Qwash,  gaining valuable experience to be able to answer questions in their...
28 Sep

Students get 'all good' with sustainability

Students from the Stamford Schools have visited a local business to learn more about sustainability. Geography students from Year 9 at Stamford High School visited...
20 Sep

SES Flags go to Antarctica 2020/21

A Year 7 student from Stamford High School has won a flag designing competition, meaning her flag has travelled to Antarctica with a scientist this...
01 Dec

Stamford School become WorldWise Quiz Champions

A team of boys from Stamford School have become South Lincolnshire WorldWise Quiz Champions 2020, competing in the first virtual version of the competition. Stamford...
30 Nov

Students refine fieldwork skills in Snowdonia

Thirty eight Sixth Form students from the Stamford Endowed Schools have been practicing their Geography fieldwork skills in Snowdonia, as part of their A Level...
25 Feb

Stamford Students explore Iceland’s geographical spectacles

Sixty-six Stamford Endowed Schools students from Year 11 have travelled to Iceland for a five-day trip to experience its natural geographical spectacles. This is the...
14 Nov

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