Stamford Junior School News

Pastoral Pup joins Stamford community

The Stamford Schools are welcoming their new 'Pastoral Pup', a 15 week old Cocker Spaniel, who forms part of their evolving pastoral program. The new...
12 Jan

Welcome back to SES!

The Stamford Schools are thrilled to have everyone back with us across the three Schools this morning (Monday 4th January), albeit virtually, and hope that...
04 Jan

Egyptian Day at Stamford Junior School

Last week, the Junior School Children in Year 2 enjoyed an exciting and jam packed day learning about the Ancient Egyptians. The pupils were involved...
08 Dec

Staff Bake-off at SJS

Staff from the Sports Department at Stamford Junior School have been busy taking part in their very own Bake-off competition. Congratulations to Mrs Standish-Leigh who...
02 Dec

A Birthday Party for Barnaby Bear

Children from Stamford Junior School have been learning about birthdays and celebrations by holding a party for one of the School's teddy bears. Friday 13th...
24 Nov

Children in Need Fundraising at Stamford Junior School

Last week, children from every year group at Stamford Junior School had great fun dressing up and getting active to help fundraise for Children in...
17 Nov

Sporting Success: Peterborough Blues Selection at the Junior School

A big congratulations to Henry Price, Jacob Bacon, Theo Keys and Harry McCoy who have been selected for Peterborough Blues Football Team. The team, which...
17 Nov

Year 6 Meet 'Sphero' Robots!

The Year 6 pupils at Stamford Junior School have engaged in an exciting new part of the curriculum - computing using 'Sphero' Robots! Every pupil...
13 Nov

Remembrance at Stamford

Students across the Stamford Schools have come together to celebrate Remembrance in a different way this year, due to the impact of Covid-19 restrictions. On...
11 Nov

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