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CCF Cadets receive their ‘Master Cadet’ Badges

CCF Cadets receive their ‘Master Cadet’ Badges

Eight students in the Combined Cadet Force at the Stamford Schools have received their ‘Master Cadet’ badges, the most prestigious award that cadets are able to achieve.

Sixth Form students: A Bird, L Swanick, S Evans, E McAnally, C McQuade, D Turner, O Fraser and T Needham, all from the RAF section, were awarded their badges by Principal, Mr W Phelan, in mid-May.

Each cadet had to excel within 3 exams from the proficiency 2 syllabus and 3 exams from the proficiency 3 syllabus, to achieve their badge, all of which were completed via self-study in the cadet’s free time.

The exams covered topics including air navigation, aircraft handling and flying techniques, advanced radio and radar, and avionics and electrical systems.

This is the first time any RAF cadets at the Schools have received the ‘Master Cadet’ badges. Congratulations to those who received this award.

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