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CCF donate ponchos to New Leaf Triangle

CCF donate ponchos to New Leaf Triangle

The Stamford Endowed Schools’ Combined Cadet Forces have donated their surplus ponchos to New Leaf Triangle, a community interest company which provides a fun, supportive and stress free, natural learning environment to help individuals of all ages ‘grow’ and cope with life’s challenges.

Mr M Holdsworth, teacher of design and technology, delivered twelve of the ponchos to them yesterday, September 3, 2020, and as shown in the image above – they have already been put to good use!

New Leaf’s mission is to use the natural environment and animals, to help children, young people and adults to learn and combat personal challenges through fun motivational activities. They help meet the needs of individuals with autism, behaviours which challenge, learning difficulties, ADHD, social emotional and behavioural difficulties and a wide range of mental health conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder and dementia.

You can follow the journey of the New Leaf team’s animals on their Facebook page here, or read more on their website.


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