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Celebrating 60 Years of German Exchange

Celebrating 60 Years of German Exchange

Students, staff and alumni of the Stamford Endowed Schools have been celebrating the 60th Anniversary of their annual German Exchange with Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium in Bonn. The exchange is thought to be one of the longest-running German exchange programmes in the country.

The week-long exchange involves around a dozen students each year, with those from Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium visiting Stamford each November, and the return leg of the exchange occurring in March.  Visiting students enjoyed trips to Cambridge and London, alongside participating in lessons, attending Stamford’s ‘Charity Rock’ fundraiser concert, and a weekend with their host families.

Exchange students visit Burghley House

Celebrations for the 60th anniversary began with students experiencing a guided tour of Burghley House. The outgoing and new Principals of Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium, Mr Ernst-Martin Heel and Mr Nicolas Heel, alongside the partner school’s Headmaster, Dr Ulrich Drescher and his wife, Mrs Kerstin Krüsselmann, who co-ordinates the exchange joined the group for the afternoon.

Coffee and cakes were enjoyed in the 18th Century Orangery Restaurant, where Rob Persani, of Rutland Radio, interviewed staff and students about their exchange experiences.

The Orangery at Burghley House

In the evening, guests from the Stamford Endowed Schools and Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium enjoyed a dinner hosted by the Principal of the Stamford Endowed Schools, Mr Will Phelan, where a video was presented showing the early days of the exchange. Mr Phelan spoke about the history of the exchange and presented the German Principal with Katie Cardew  prints of both Stamford School and Stamford High School. In return, Mr Heel Senior presented the Schools with a statue of Ludwig van Beethoven, who was born in Bonn.

Presentation at Stamford School to German Exchange guests

Gift giving between German Exchange

Mrs Annette Chauvaux, Head of German at Stamford School and coordinator of the exchange, said:” It was fantastic to host the 60th annual German exchange, commemorating the two schools’ remarkable relationship. The trip not only helps develop the visiting students’ understanding of the English language and culture but enhances the students’ strong friendships further. A particular highlight this year was that the exchange coincided with Stamford Endowed Schools’ charity rock concert, where current pupils and staff demonstrated their musical talents in an evening of fundraising. We can’t wait for our return trip to visit Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium in the Spring!”

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