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Celebrating Diversity week at Stamford

Celebrating Diversity week at Stamford

The Stamford Schools celebrated Diversity week which is nationally celebrated throughout schools.

National School Diversity Week is a chance to celebrate diversity in schools and wider society. It’s also a chance to highlight the different challenges people may face and create a sense of belonging and understanding.

Diversity week celebrations included:

  • The new Y12 prefects putting together an assembly video to kick-off the week, wearing the colours of the rainbow and explaining the importance of diversity and inclusion;
  • The Y12’s also organised a Scavenger Hunt with chocolate prizes (with 52 students across Y7 and 8 taking part)
  • A film festival running during lunchtimes for KS3, with documentaries and short films based around the day’s theme
  • ‘Find A Rainbow’ photo competition for staff and students
  • A daily fact centred around the day’s theme
  • Daily display items centred around the days theme, put together by the SAID (Stamford Allies for Inclusion and Diversity) committee
  • A Diversi-tree, made by the Y12 prefects where students and staff can add a leaf showing their diversity or a time they felt included and accepted.

Year 12 prefects Yola and Kitty reflect on how the diversity week went:

Yola B said: “The scavenger hunt went brilliantly, all the students were so keen to get involved. They enjoyed the fresh air and seeing how fast they could do it and they all learned something new and were enthusiastic to tell me their facts! ”

Kitty H said: “I was thrilled with how well the scavenger hunt went! It was lovely to see so many students engaging with a not only fun but educational activity. Both Yola and I hope that the students all learnt something and enjoyed the activity!”

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