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Chase becomes British Racketlon Champion

Chase becomes British Racketlon Champion

Year 10 student Chase has won three racketlon events and has become the Under 16 British Racketlon Champion.

The three competitions he entered were U16s, Men’s C Doubles and the Men’s D singles. Chase won all three events which led him to becoming the Under 16 British racketlon champion and whilst still being only 14. The Men’s D singles was Chase’s first adult event that he has competed in.

Chase has also recently teamed up with Head of Boarding, Mr Ware, to compete in the Steel Open, an international racketlon tournament. They entered the Men’s doubles amateur event and achieved the silver medal.

Mr Ware said that Chase’s “most impressive performance was in the Men’s C, where he took out the top seed in the first round, the Swiss World Number 122”.

Congratulations to both players for their achievements. To read more about Chase’s latest tournaments, please click here.

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