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Chris Hemmings discusses ‘what it means to be a man’

Chris Hemmings discusses ‘what it means to be a man’

Former BBC Journalist and broadcaster, Author, and Public Speaker Chris Hemmings visited Stamford School to discuss the subjects of toxic masculinity, empathy and mental health.

Year 10 students from Stamford School participated in a workshop, where they were able to talk freely with their peers on issues such as peer pressure, masculinity and their own fears. Chris covered important issues including ‘what it means to be a man’, talking about his own feelings towards masculinity and his experiences of trauma, grief and substance misuse.

Finbar C-B, Year 10 , said: “When Chris Hemmings came to Stamford none of us knew what to expect. As the talk went on Chris engaged all of us with stories that would intrigue us, addressing us as ‘lads’ and providing humour. After the talk, we were told that we would have a workshop with him; I had it first and was excited after the interesting talk. First of all we gathered chairs towards the front of the hall into a circle making us feel like a team. We were telling our personal stories which brought us more unified and feel closer as a year.”

Sam McC, Year 10, said: “I thought the guest speaker was excellent. It was definitely the best speaker I have ever had come in, as Chris was very relatable and seemed like a very sound guy, I would genuinely like to hear from him again as I agree with his views and find him very interesting. I have spoken to many of the boys and we all thought he was really good.”

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