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Classics Student Wins Oxford Essay Competition

Classics Student Wins Oxford Essay Competition

Sixth Form student at the Stamford Schools has won the St John’s College Classics and Ancient History Essay Competition, held by the University of Oxford for her entry in the Archaeology category.

Year 12 student Kasia M entered the competition which was open to all Year 12 students across the country, to further her independent research into the world of classics.

With 200 overall entries and 11 entrants into the Archaeology category Kasia’s essay, exploring the arts of democracies and autocratic regimes, came out on top winning the archaeology category.

The competition began with a virtual study day. Students chose one of four questions for their competition entry:

  • ‘Nice guys finish last.’ Is this statement true for characters (of any gender) in ancient literature?
  • In the ancient world, did the art express the same concern as the art of the autocratic regimes?
  • Did Greek and/or Roman elections express the will of the people?
  • Plato thought that democracy was the rule of the ignorant. Was he right?


Kasia is currently studying Classics, English Literature, French and Latin at A Level, and plans to study Classics at university “with the hopes of becoming a museum curator in the future”.

To read Kasia’s full essay, please click here.

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