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Digital Leaders Trip To BETT

Digital Leaders Trip To BETT

Our student Digital Leaders have enjoyed a trip to the BETT (British Educational Training and Technology) show.

The Trip to BETT was to allow the Digital Leaders to experience a wider range of technology than they currently do, day-to-day at school. It also offered them a fantastic opportunity to view what is possible, and provide feedback on what they feel could benefit their learning in and out of the classroom.

Pupils were able to see a vast array of technology from different vendors, which will allow them to have a true input into the development of technology here at Stamford.

The aims of the trip were for the Students to look at the different pieces of technology, take pictures, and find out the product names, prices, and the solutions it could bring to SES. The students were guided around VR platforms, VR headsets, Education Metaverse, Riders.ai, Robots and STEM, Autonomous Tech, eSports and Mixed Reality. They were also tasked to try and see how many stickers and totes they could collect, whilst finding out as much information as possible!

Bett Show 2022

Digital leaders are students from across all Senior Year Groups who want to make a difference to improve their school’s use of digital technology and help shape digital citizenship.

Some key areas that digital leaders are involved in include:

  • Being part of ensuring that SES students have the digital skills required for their future success
  • Represent their peers, feeding back ideas about the use of technology at Stamford
  • Learning new skills and sharing them with their forms/classes
  • Helping to shape and write the ‘Code of Conduct’ for technology and E-Safety
  • Helping to run drop in / support sessions for students
  • Taking part in the Schools’ E-Safety committee


Take a look at this video showing what the Digital Leaders were up to during the trip.

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