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Economics students present to Cambridge Economists

Economics students present to Cambridge Economists

A two teams of Sixth Form students from the Stamford Endowed Schools have presented to economists from the University of Cambridge, in the University’s annual ‘Festival of Ideas’.

Students took part in ‘The British Economy After Brexit’ competition, held by Cambridge Faculty of Economics.

They had less than 48 hours to prepare a 5 minute presentation, complete with slides, from a selection of possible titles. Students presented via Zoom to Professor Tony Cockerill and guest panellists, including economists with Cambridge connections, current and former students at the University of Cambridge, and economics staff members from participating schools.

Mrs E Herdale, Teacher of Economics, said: “Both teams prepared in depth presentations working late (and early!) to pull it together. They rose beyond and above the economics they have done in the classroom to prepare these presentations, that were on very challenging areas. Considering they have only done 7 months of economics and were in lockdown for nearly half of that time, they were superb.”

Economics students present to Cambridge EconomistsEconomics students present to Cambridge Economists

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