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Egyptian Day at Stamford Junior School

Egyptian Day at Stamford Junior School

Last week, the Junior School Children in Year 2 enjoyed an exciting and jam packed day learning about the Ancient Egyptians.

The pupils were involved in multiple activities, including studying artifacts, creating clay models, icing Egyptian themed biscuits and a very exciting mummy challenge!

Egyptian Day

Mrs Gallop, a teacher of Key Stage 2 said, “Year Two have really enjoyed their topic of Ancient Egyptians and it has provided so many varied opportunities for fascinating learning including mummifying tomatoes and making individual Canopic Jars containing their own interpretations of a liver, stomach, intestines or lungs.

“The children looked amazing in their Egyptian costumes and thoroughly enjoyed all the activities. We have been so impressed with their enthusiasm for the topic and thirst for knowledge about subjects such as Egyptian Gods and the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter.”


Egyptian Day


Egyptian Day

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