Ella braves the shave for charity

Ella braves the shave for charity

A Year 12 student at Stamford Sixth Form has decided to shave and donate her hair to raise money for charity, raising over £1000 in donations.

On May 21 Ella Bevis will be cutting her hair to donate to the Little Princess Trust. She will be shaving her head completely the following day, raising money for Cancer Research.

Ella said: “I am both nervous and excited; I’m excited as I know it is for a good cause, as over the past year many charities have been hugely affected by the pandemic. I wanted to fundraise for Cancer specifically as it is a disease that I feel is close to everyone. Every family and every community is affected by cancer so I knew I would be able to get the support for my fundraiser and raise the money that the charity needs.”

“I know that hair can mean so much to people; I know that for some women their hair to them means their beauty and femininity, but this is not the case. Hair does not define beauty and I wanted to make that clear. I wanted to show Oncology patients that I stand with them, I may not be in their personal battle against cancer, but I do stand with them in the global battle against it.”

“I have been so amazed by the support of my family, friends and my fellow Sixth Formers at Stamford, and I am so happy that we as a community have been able to raise so much money already.”

Ella exceeded her original donation target of £1000 within 2 weeks of beginning her fundraiser, with her new target set at £2000. She said, “I know £2000 will be a push but it would be incredible to say we all managed to raise £2000 in under a month for Cancer Research this year.”

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