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Ellie Sails Towards Success

Ellie Sails Towards Success

Sixth form student Ellie H has been selected to join the Regional Training Group in British Youth Sailing.

Ellie was selected for the Regional Training Group following a successful event at the Grafham water selector, coming 36th out of 90 boats.

She currently sails with a laser 4.7, the smallest rig of the laser group, but intends to move to the radial rig, which is not only bigger but also used by the women’s Olympic boat class.

Ellie described her selection as “a great opportunity to improve and develop my sailing with high level coaches so that I can perform at a higher level in the next season of events”.  One of those coaches being Ali young, who is a part of the British sailing team and has taken part in the past three Olympic Games.

Regarding her success Ellie said: “I am really happy to have been successful in getting into the training group and I am looking forward to the upcoming winter, where I hope to improve my skills and racing technique as much as I can ahead of the next season!”

Congratulations Ellie for being selected for this team, as the next step towards being selected for the UK Sailing Youth squad.

To read a previous story considering Ellie’s sailing caree, please click here.

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