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Enrichment Week – Day 3

Enrichment Week – Day 3

Enrichment Week Day 3 continued to be full of excitement with a host of different activities happening across the Schools.

Read about Enrichment Week Day 1 here, and Day 2 here.


Year 12 undertook bushcraft up at Burghley Park; 


Sixth Form and Old Stamfordians debated in the Oswald Elliot Cup Debate: 

Read more here.


Year 8 at SHS participated in House Football: 


Chemists in Year 9 took on a ‘fiendish’ escape room: 

See tweets from their activity here.


Year 8 enjoyed a morning of music, creating a hip-hop backing track, an hour of singing, followed by writing rap lyrics and recording their rap: 


Year 8 took on the siege challenge, attempting to defeat Mr Newton’s castle: 

For more information on this task, click here.


Year 10 were busy at a Macbeth workshop all day,  with dynamic theatre company ‘Clever Theatre’: 


Year 8 enjoyed a creative workshop in art: 

creativity in Art - Year 8 creativity in Art - Year 8


English workshop for Year 10, learning about performance poetry:



The CCF RAF section training has began with a 2 day Bronze Leadership course for Y11 & Y12 cadets:


Year 8 celebrated #WorldSocialMediaDay in their drama classes, exploring the world of selfies, and the power of social media ‘likes‘: 

exploring the world of selfies and likes - Year 8 - worldsocialmediaday

Mr Hyams led a debating workshop: 

Mr Hyams Debate


Senior cadets led the Command Task in the afternoon: 

why stamford banner

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