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Football podcast gains pace for Old Stamfordian

Football podcast gains pace for Old Stamfordian

A football podcast hosted by Old Stamfordian, Jack Godfry (OS13), is gaining pace across social media.

AfterXtraTime‘ was started by Jack, alongside his two co-hosts, following the increasing success of their interviews with ex pro footballers on Instagram live over the lockdown period.

The podcast has now become a weekly occurrence and can be streamed on anchor, Spotify and Apple Music, with new episodes released at the beginning of each week. Additionally, the trio host ‘Facebook live’ events each Thursday, on their page ‘AfterExtraTime’.

Discussing the podcast, Jack said: “We began AfterXtraTime as a footballing podcast with some controversy and good footballing debate covering many topics, from youth football to non-league and mental health.  Weekly results are rounded off and discussed, and the cohort look forward to the week ahead; making predictions for the upcoming games, as well as discussing wider football related news and transfers.”

“So far we have had two ex pros on, Marlon King (who played for Watford, Birmingham and more) and Mark Beard (ex Millwall and Sheffield United player, who currently coaches Under 18s at Brighton).”

“The highlight of the podcast for me so far is having Marlon King on and having him talk so openly about mental heath in football ,his time in the game and how football clubs deal with mental health in the game.”

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