We are delighted to announce that from 2023, Stamford will become fully co-educational at all stages. For more information, please visit Stamfordcoed.org

Happy Meals Competition

Families from across the Stamford Endowed Schools have been sending in their entries to our ‘Happy Meals’ competition, for the chance to win a foodie prize and have their dish added to the menu, when we return to the Schools!

For details as to how to enter, please click here.

Please scroll down for inspiration from our Schools’ community, who have shared the dishes that make them smile.

Jack, Year 9: 

Mirabelle, Year 4:


James, Year 11: 

Jensen (Y6) and Hugo (Y4) :

Miss Hamilton: 

Miss Taylor: 

Soraya, Year 7: 

Freddie – Gosling (Nursery): 

Tabitha – Year 4: 

Isaac – Year 8: 

Minnie, Year 9: 

Mrs Odedra:

Miss York:  

Connor, Year 8:

Poppy, Year 7: 

Mrs Gregory: 

Luke, Year 9:

Robert (Old Stamfordian): 

Amélie, Year 7:

Issy, Year 8:

Rory, Year 8:

Henry, Year 8 and Amelia, Year 6:

Saanvi, Year 7:

Riley, Year 10, and Blake, Year 8:

Charlie, Year 7: 

Holly, Year 7: 

Archie, Year 6, and Henry, Year 10:

Emily, Year 7:

Carys, Year 8:

Shreyansh, Year 7: 

Edith, Year 8:

Poppy ,Year 6, and Clementine, Year 3: 

Sina, Year 7: 

Freya, Year 6, and Immy, Year 4:

Tom, Year 13, and Harry, Year 9: 

Max, Year 7: 

Michael, Year 10:

Sophie, Year 8:

Cecily, Year 4:

Emily, Year 9:

Katie, Year 7:

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