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House Games with Year 7 at SHS

House Games with Year 7 at SHS

Year 7 at Stamford High School have been introduced to the Schools’ House system with a series of games and team building activities.

Year 7 joined their respective Houses (Cavell, Eliot, Anderson, Beale) and split off to play games like ‘Hot Seat’ and ‘Desert Island’. The aim of the evening was to meet the other students in their Houses and encourage them to work as a team.

The team building activities were followed by some well deserved refreshments before moving on to the inter-House competitions led by the Head of Eliot, Miss Leddy.

Each House competed against each other in a ‘gripping’ tug of war match, resulting in the triumph of Beale House who won both the Year 7 match, as well as the House Captain one.

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