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Jess begins ‘Skills Tutorial’ videos

Jess begins ‘Skills Tutorial’ videos

Jessica Ford, a Year 7 pupil at Stamford High School, has begun recording and publishing videos on YouTube, aimed to help fellow students improve their skills in three of her favourite sports; Hockey, Netball and Cricket.

Jess was inspired to create these training tutorials after the Head of Sport at her previous school suggested during the first lockdown that she put together some cricket skills tutorials to show and inspire others.

Discussing her inspiration, Jess said: “I found myself spending more and more time on my device during this lockdown and after a day of remote learning I wanted to do something away from a screen to keep fit and active. I wanted to start a YouTube channel showing my drills to others to inspire them to also keep fit and active during this time”.

Jess aims to keep uploading content that focuses on drills that people can do at home to stay active. She has also mentioned how much she is “looking forward to being able to involve some of my friends in the videos; a lot of the drills would be better if there were at least two of us”.

Jess has been playing Hockey and Netball for five years. She played both sports at her previous school, Brooke Priory, before joining SHS in September for Year 7.  She plays for Stamford and Rutland Netball Club and has been selected to represent Lincolnshire following her success.

Her passion for cricket, however, stems from her dad. Jess said: “I have been playing cricket with my dad for as long as I can remember. It is our family ‘go to’ game on a sunny day and we always have a bat and ball  in the boot of the car in case we have the opportunity play”. She is a member of Burghley Park Cricket Club and is looking forward to the upcoming season.

At SHS, Jess is part of the Talented Athlete Development Programme, and commented: “the reason I chose Stamford High school is the opportunity that it give girls in sports.

“Despite the restrictions, the sports at Stamford have been amazing so far; the coaches are brilliant, so talented and incredibly inspiring. I just can not wait until we can play matches against other schools, this is something I’m really missing”.

To join in and watch Jessica’s videos, please click here to visit her YouTube channel.

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