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Journalist, Bridget Kendall, engages students

Journalist, Bridget Kendall, engages students

Journalist Bridget Kendall MBE, has visited the Stamford Schools to talk about the importance of learning languages.

Bridget visited the Schools on the European Day of Languages to share her experiences as an English journalist, working as the BBC’s Diplomatic correspondent.

Having covered the final years of the Soviet Union and first years of post-Soviet Russia as the BBC Moscow correspondent, Cliton Presidency as the BBC Washington correspondent, and major global trends and crises as the BBC Diplomatic correspondent, Bridget’s passion and vibrancy for languages engaged the room.

Mr Ben O’Neill, Teacher of German at Stamford, said: “It was fantastic to welcome Bridget Kendall to Stamford School; her message of how languages can make you stand out from the crowd is one that, we believe, all students should hear. She drew on her many and varied experiences as a Foreign and Diplomatic correspondent, and now as Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge, to provide an inspirational and fascinating talk. We are very grateful for her time and insights.”

Bridget Kendall

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