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Mr. Esson hasn’t let lockdown halt his passion for cricket

Mr. Esson hasn’t let lockdown halt his passion for cricket

Mr. Charlie Esson, Teacher of PE and Cricket Coach at Stamford School, has begun a podcast and has been sharing batting tutorials on YouTube to support young players.

Over lockdown, Mr. Esson started his podcast entitled ‘Talking about Coaching Cricket’ and created five batting tutorials on YouTube in what he has called ‘Esson’s lockdown batting’.

Topics on his podcast, which can be found on Spotify, include everything from discussing young players fear of failure, and how this can be used as a positive, to bowling fast and coaching adaptability and positivity.

His podcast features guest appearances from multiple high-profile coaches including former Nottinghamshire and Hampshire all-rounder; Richard Logan, Director of Cricket at Hayleybury School; Rupes Kitzinger and personal batting coach to multiple first class players including Essex’s Dan Lawrence and Northamptonshire’s Ben Curran (Tom and Sam’s younger brother); Gio Colussi. Charlie stressed that the podcast was mostly about collaboration and the sharing of ideas; “as coaches, we are always trying to get better and you cannot do that on your own”

Cricket being played on the main fields is synonymous with the summer term  at Stamford School. Unfortunately, the sound of bat on ball has not graced the striped grass, as the pavilion doors were locked for the summer. However, Mr. Esson has not let this halt his passion for cricket and coaching.

When asked about what he loves about coaching he asserted that it is “the detail, the intricacies, helping people unlock their potential. But above all, I love what the game does for people. Cricket makes us better people, so to help people realise that is a privilege”.

Charlie works with all students from Year 7 all the way through to the First XI.

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