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Music Department Make Waves

Music Department Make Waves

The Stamford Schools’ Music Department have been making the most out of their increased time now being spent on the computer by diving into the world of digital. Year 7 classes have been creating digital ‘soundwave art’ whilst Year 12 students have come together to produce a collaborative piece of digital music.

Year 7 Soundwave Art 

Year 7 students from across Stamford School and Stamford High School have been creating ‘Soundwave Art’ from home, combining their digital skills to produce a creative outcome that means something to them.

Students recorded a message, or chose their favourite songs and sounds, to create visual soundwaves, then learning how to edit these pictures to add a point of interest.

Having been given creative freedom on the project in terms of both the soundwave and images used, students created a wide variety of outcomes – from artwork and album covers, to sentimental cards to send to family and friends.

Please enjoy some of their soundwave artworks below:

Year 12 Synthesised Music 


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