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Old Stamfordian recognised with awards

Old Stamfordian recognised with awards

Old Stamfordian, Vicky Whiter (née Harris) (OS 88), owner of Peters’ Cleaners, has won two awards for her innovative work in the dry cleaning industry.

In November, Vicky was announced as the winner of the Peterborough Evening Telegraph award for Innovation. With 12 categories in total, the Telegraph’s Business Excellence Awards  offer an opportunity to showcase the work of businesses throughout  unprecedented times and celebrate their achievements.

Vicky was also voted as ‘Tech Woman of the Year 2021’ at the Women in Peterborough Small Business Awards in the same month.

Vicky had already decided, two years prior to the pandemic, that the future of dry cleaning was not in shops on the high street, due to changing consumer lifestyles and rising costs. Vicky wanted to ‘move with the times’ and offer more convenience for her customers, using her service  to fit in with their routines. Eighteen months were spent developing a 24-7, fully automated drop off ‘pod’ service.

Vicky said: “It is important for the shops to still be there for those who want interaction and a personal service, but most just need an express service. We blended the two into a new model that would fit and have given the dry cleaning industry a good shake up!”

“It has been without doubt the hardest 18 months for businesses, and so to be recognised for something you’ve been working really hard on was a special year to win something.”

With more ideas and designs in the pipeline to continue transforming the world of dry cleaning, Vicky and her team look forward to utilising more technological advances and the power of marketing to continue putting Peters Cleaners on the map.

The Schools send their congratulations to Vicky and her team.

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