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Outlook Expedition India 2020

In the summer of 2020, two expedition teams comprised of Years 11 and 12 students will depart on an expedition to India. The below blog, provided by Mr Edd Smith, Director of Outdoor Education and Ms Denise Smith, Head of Events and Trips, describe the itinerary for the teams’ two’s four-week adventures:

“After a two-day flight, the team will rest up and the planning and organisation will really start! The team will spend their first couple of days in Delhi – orienting themselves and preparing for travel. Supplies will be purchased, currency exchanged, transport and accommodation organised and other arrangements for the expedition confirmed.

“The first day of travel will include a twelve-hour journey, by bus, to the town of Manali – followed by a further two-hour trip to Naggar, the gateway to the Kullu Valley. Here, the team will spend four to eight days on a community-based project at ‘Chakki’ School; offering their potential, energy, motivation and enthusiasm, to improve the school’s learning environment. They will help a team of skilled workers to extend classrooms, construct boundary walls and generally maintain the school buildings.

“For the next part of the expedition, the team will travel to Kaza in the Himalayan Spiti Valley, which sits 3650m above sea level. After a period of acclimatisation, with local visits to the nearby villages and monasteries, the team will embark upon a five-day Spiti Cultural Trek. During this they will take in the day to day living experiences of the Spitian people; exploring the habitats of the Himalayan Blue Sheep, Snow Leopars and the oldest surviving species of wolf in the world – the Himalayan Wolf. After five days trekking with mules, the team will return to Manali by car and relax and shop in the old town.

“The final part of the trip will begin with the twelve-hour bus ride back to Delhi, followed by a train tide to the city of Agra – the home of the magnificent Taj Mahal, where students can soak up the sights! Returning to Delhi for the last few days of the trip, the team will be able to visit Delhi’s famous sites – the Red Fort, Qutab Complex and Huyan’s Tomb.

“In preparation for their expedition, the team have been fundraising both individually and as a group. The recent SES Year 7 and 8 Valentine’s Disco, held on Friday 7th February, was a team event which raised over £450 through ticket and refreshment sales.

“The team would like to thank all of those who attended and have supported the event; with the proceeds to go to their chosen charity in India. “

Read more about the Valentine’s Day disco here. 


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