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Over 80 attend ‘Amnes-tea Party’ fundraiser

Over 80 attend ‘Amnes-tea Party’ fundraiser

Eloise T, Year 9 at Stamford High School, has raised fifty pounds for Amnesty International, through her organisation of an ‘Amnes-tea Party’, exhibition and bake-off.

Over 80 students attended the event, which was organised by Eloise, who is the student ambassador for SHS’ Amnesty International Youth group, with the help of Miss Kate Docherty, Teacher of Philosophy and Ethics at SHS.

Four prizes were awarded for the bake-off competition, which was themed around the environment. Each winner won a sustainable prize, such as bamboo cutlery, reusable straws, beeswax food wraps and pencils that can be planted to grow flowers.

The best in theme award was presented to Maliha Mirza, Year 7, who created a sponge cake themed around the koala’s affected by the recent Australian bushfires. Runner up was Miss Riley, with a Koala chocolate cake of a similar theme.

The ‘most creative’ prize was awarded to Miss Spark, for her beehive inspired lemon cake. Hannah Teesdale, Year 7, won second place with a flowery rice crispy cake.

Thanks go to everyone involved in making cakes for the bake-off and contributing to the exhibition; special praise goes to Miss Stewart for helping with refreshments.

Amnestea Party

Amnestea cake

Amnestea Party Cake Sale

Turtle Sculpture

bee hive cake amnesta partyAmnestea Party


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