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Pastoral Pup joins Stamford community

Pastoral Pup joins Stamford community

The Stamford Schools are welcoming their new ‘Pastoral Pup’, a 15 week old Cocker Spaniel, who forms part of their evolving pastoral program.

The new puppy, Wilson, has joined the Schools and is living between his staff handlers whilst being socialised, and gradually introduced to his new surroundings.

Once the Schools return he will slowly be introduced to children and staff; settling into working a reduced timetable from September. Upon his first birthday he will begin his therapy training, completing the nine month course to become a working wellbeing dog.

As a wellbeing dog, Wilson will support students pastorally. Extensive research has shown that wellbeing dogs have a positive effect on student mental health; students can easily empathise with animals in ways that aren’t always as easy with peers or teachers, helping to develop their emotional wellbeing. Dogs have been shown to have a soothing presence within a school environment, and to provide an uplifting experience which helps all of the Schools’ community feel more relaxed, confident and able to cope and adapt to challenges.

We look forward to keeping you updated with Wilson’s progress.

Pastoral Pup - Wilson

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