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Sixth Form enjoy cultural tour of Washington and New York

Sixth Form enjoy cultural tour of Washington and New York

An enthusiastic group of students from the Stamford Endowed Schools have visited Washington and New York, to further their understanding of the history, politics and culture of the United States of America.

The students began their tour by visiting The White House, and Congress at the United States Capitol visitor centre. A trip to Ford’s Theatre, the site of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, The Arlington Military Cemetery and memorials, and the Holocaust Museum were noted as particularly powerful experiences. Blog post of the students experiences can be viewed here and here.

An enjoyable road trip between Washington and New York started the second half of their trip, where Ellis and Liberty Islands, in the Upper New York Bay, gave views of the landmark Statue of Liberty. The 9/11 Memorial Museum, at the site where the Twin Towers once stood, proved unforgettable, with the museum’s dynamic blend of architecture, archaeology and history creating a truly moving experience. Students also participated in some sightseeing, exploring Central Park, The Empire State Building, Times Square and China Town.

Mr David Tuck, Head of Politics at Stamford School, said: “Every student seemed to have a different highlight of the trip, with the most popular experience being on top of the Empire State Museum, looking out over the New York City skyline at Midnight! We all especially also loved the road trip as we saw so much of the country.”


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