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Professor Rose Luckin presents virtual Stamford Lecture

Professor Rose Luckin presents virtual Stamford Lecture

Professor Rose Luckin has fascinated the Stamford Schools’ community through their latest webinar in the Stamford Lecture series, exploring artificial intelligence.

Titled ‘AI Readiness: what every school needs to realise the potential of AI for education’, the lecture drew in a virtual audience of over 150 households, including families from the UK, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland; discussing theories and techniques that can help students and their teachers to track individual progress intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

Known as the ‘Doctor Who of Artificial Intelligence’, Professor Luckin is named on the Seldon List 2017 as one of the 20 most influential people in Education.

Professor Luckin discussed some examples of the work that they have achieved with educational organisations using the ‘AI Readiness framework’ and shared the structure of an AI Readiness course developed specifically for the education context. ‘AI Readiness’ is a framework that has been developed to support conversations about, and the understanding of AI.

Professor Luckin also shared her personal thoughts on the aspects of AI that make it useful to education, and suggested criteria that the audience at home could use to assess whether an AI they are looking at or interacting with is likely to be useful to them.

A question and answer session following the lecture was energetically received, with one audience member describing the session as “a very informative, stimulating and helpful lecture, time really well spent and worthwhile.”

Mrs Natalie Pretsell, Community Engagement Manager at the Schools, said: “It is a privilege to be able to host and share these lectures with so many families and also reach those from across the globe. We really enjoy opening up conversations that promote critical thinking through the topics that are shared and providing opportunities to think differently.”

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