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Reading Passport Pizza Party

Reading Passport Pizza Party

Congratulations go to Seb L, Josey S, Tom G, Shobin M and Rory J, who have all completed their Reading Passports! Each of the boys and a chosen friend were awarded with a pizza party and fizzy drinks at lunch time, accompanied by Mr Stephenson, Mrs Colley and Mrs Singer.

Pizza Party

The Reading Passport, started by Mr Stephenson, is a booklet given to boys in Years 7 and 8 to log their reading progress. For each book they read, the boys are required to write a brief review, followed by an interview from their teacher. Once the boys reach 25 books, they are awarded the grand prize of a pizza party!

Pizza Party

Mrs Singer was particularly impressed with the boys as they completed the challenge in just six months, with a special mention awarded to Josey S who since completing the challenge, has read a further 25 books!

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