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Rose leads the way to support the coral reefs

Rose leads the way to support the coral reefs

Rose Chase, Year 9 at Stamford High School, has fundraised to purchase a coral reef frame in the Maldives, in the name of Stamford High School.

The Marine Savers charity, affiliated with the Four Seasons Hotel resort in the Maldives, supports the ‘Reefscapers’ project, which involves advanced propagation to efficiently restore altered reefs and deserted sandy seabeds. The coral frames are designed and built on a local island in Baa Atoll, called Fulhadhoo, providing employment for several local people, allowing them to develop skills in marine conservation and tourism. For more information considering the coral reef restoration, please click here. 

The programme involves long-term monitoring and maintenance, with all coral reefs being bi-annually monitored. Photographs will be provided to the Schools to watch the corals grow, and we will share these as and when we are updated. The below image examples a similar reef, and how we would expect our frame to develop.

Coral development - Stamford High School

Rose has discussed her fundraising journey: “I was inspired to organise a cake sale, after watching a documentary about the Indian Ocean by Simon Reeve. They showed a coral reef which has been bleached due to the temperatures rising in the oceans, and afterwards showed how we could help to protect it.

A company called Reefscapers is creating metal frames, and cable-tying coral cuttings to them, therefore building new coral reefs to protect the Maldives and the habitats of so many species. Coral reefs help support 25% of all life in the oceans, and so it’s crucial that the coral is saved.”

For more information on the importance of the Coral Reefs, please click here. 

“Over a thousand of the metal structures have been put in the ocean so far, and i wanted to contribute to that number. I decided to put on a cake sale and with the help of a couple of my friends, we had enough cakes – although they sold out pretty fast! We raised £65 in total, and with the money we’d also raised at home by selling vintage dresses on eBay, we had enough to buy a medium-sized frame.

My favourite part has been the painting of the poster, and decorating all 120 of the cupcakes that we have made – as i especially enjoy marketing. I am very happy to have helped the coral reef, and i hope to help more in the future!”

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