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Scholars Trip to Tate Modern

Scholars Trip to Tate Modern

Art Scholars from Stamford High School have taken a trip to the Tate Modern in London.

Year 11 and 13 students visited the gallery to support their coursework and find inspiration for their own pieces.  All students have been creating a self-directed project, investigating and wide range of themes, ideas, materials and techniques.

Mrs Ashley, Teacher of Art, said: “I was really pleased by the way the students participated in the visit. The galleries in the Tate Modern include many pieces of artwork by artists known to the students such as Henry Moore, Henri Matisse and Roy Lichtenstein, but are also filled with challenging pieces that make the viewer really think.

“I was really pleased with the open minded approach that all the students took to the visit and by their excitement about the work they had seen. They all seemed to be very impressed by seeing the actual, original artwork they already knew well, as well as being inspired by new artwork styles and uses of media.

All of the students returned to lessons with a sense of how their art coursework could move forward in new and exciting ways.”

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