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Schools celebrate National Poetry Day

Schools celebrate National Poetry Day

To mark National Poetry Day, take a moment to listen to this inspirational poem written by Mr McCormick from Stamford High School.

I Need a Woman

“I need a woman,” –  he said as he turned to page three –

“Who’ll be seen and not heard.”

“Yeah, yeah” chimed his mate with ketchup slowly

Dripping down his chin –

half a bacon sandwich protruding from his toothless grin.

“One who’ll do what she’s told, who’ll dress up but won’t show you up.”

“Yeah, one who won’t say she’s tired when you’re trying to feel her up.” –


I felt myself want to throw up.


Seen and not heard have you ever heard anything so absurd?

This objectification by these blots on creation highlights just how far, so called, civilisation has to go.

Because, you narrow-minded cavemen, you have got a lot to learn about women.


Why is it that a man is measured by the size of his pay packet

And a woman by the size of her rack

It makes me mad because it just isn’t right,

It’s one of those things that keep me awake at night

Because, what if, one day, I’m blessed with a daughter?

Should I tell her she ought to

Forget about her hopes and ambitions

Because ultimately her place is in the kitchen?

How do I tell her “baby, men will take your dreams and tear them into tiny little pieces,

And make you sweep them up before you do the dishes”?

When all I want to say is, “baby, follow your heart…”


Little one, you are the greatest thing I’ve ever made

And I never want your dreams to fade,

So you be a dancer, or a doctor or a fire fighter

Because believe me, there’ll be times when you’ll need to fight fire.

Like when you’re got something you want to say

and some guy interjects “don’t listen to her, some women be cray.”

The easy thing would be to walk away.

Flip him the bird without saying a word.

But listen. Just because he doesn’t agree with you or doesn’t understand your point of view

It doesn’t make you irrational or hysterical.

You’re creative and opinionated and that’s what makes you beautiful.

Yes that’s what makes you beautiful.


If I could offer you one piece of advice, it wouldn’t be to wear sunscreen

But to always apologise when you’re in the wrong

And to know that most problems can be solved with a song and a smile and a sweet mug of tea.

Trust me.

But never apologise for the your dreams because dreams can come true

Believe me, I see it, every time I look at you.

There’ll be things you regret

Like when you choke on a toke of your first cigarette

Or the boy who promises the stars and then breaks your heart.

Or the boss who makes your eyes swim with tears, who makes you feel small when he looks at you

and leers.

But little one you’re strong and I’ll tell you a secret –

That inner strength that you have?

It mostly came from your mother, not from your dad.

Your mother is a fighter, your mother knows what’s right

Your mother is the one who comforted you when you were scared at night.

Of course, I’ll always be there, to catch you if you fall

But in reality, when your backs against the wall,

It’s the courage of your mother upon which you’ll call.


So you’ll try not to falter but you’ll misstep along the way

The important thing to know is that mistakes are ok.

What’s not, is letting your gender stand in your way.

You are a dreamer; let your mind soar

Take what life throws at you and then come back for more

Because you are a woman and not a piece of meat

So ignore those ignorant Neanderthals grunting on the street.


The world is evolving and men worth getting to know

Value brains and courage more than how far you’re willing to go…

So you be whatever it is that you dream:

An actress, MP or even the Queen

Because I need a woman who’ll be heard and be seen.

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