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SES Climbing Club Reach New Heights

SES Climbing Club Reach New Heights

Stamford Endowed Schools Climbing Club has recently visited the Big Rock Climbing Wall in Milton Keynes, to practice their techniques and develop their skills on increasingly varied walls.

Seven students from across Years 8-11 climbed the walls with ropes and by using an auto belay. Our more experienced students were able to climb the walls independently, choosing which climbs to tackle without direct supervision. Newer students to the club were given more guidance, showing a great deal of improvement with their belaying skills throughout the session.

Mr Edd Smith, Director of Outdoor Education at the Stamford Endowed Schools, said: “It’s always great to get out to the bigger walls and have a long session. It’s clear that it’s helped the students’ progress and opened their eyes to the wider possibilities for climbing all over the country.”

Climbing Club offers students from across all years of the Stamford Endowed Schools the opportunity to practice rock climbing, regardless of current ability. Meeting each Tuesday, the club run two sessions for both beginners and intermediate levels . 21 students regularly climb, and most attend the half termly day trips, which include visiting large indoor walls, or the Peak District, for outdoor climbs.

Climbing Club trip - Indoor wall

Climbing Club trip - Indoor wall climb

Learning and Improving at SES Climbing Club

Practicing on indoor walls at SES Climbing Club

Helping each other at SES Climbing Club

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