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SES Iconic Film Re-enactment Competition

SES Iconic Film Re-enactment Competition

The SES Drama Department and Principal Will Phelan have challenged the SES Community to take part in an Iconic Film Re-enactment Competition.

Their task was to recreate a famous and memorable film sequence, in two minutes or less, with their families and pets as cast, crew and production team, and homes and gardens re-purposed for on-location film shooting.

George Robinson, (OS ’18) and star of Netflix award winning show Sex Education, has kindly agreed to judge the entries, of which the results will be announced following closure of the competition on the 2nd June, and the Principal has kindly offered prizes for the winner and runner up.

We’ve collated each of the entries to the competition for you below, so take a look at how our community have channeled their inner Spielberg!

Principal, Will Phelan, and his family got us started with their iconic re-enactment of Top Gun:

Our first entry came in from the Cannings – recreating a scene from Ferris Bueller’s day off. Ferris uses his friend to help tell the principle that he is ‘ill’ and to get his girlfriend out of school, so that they can have the ultimate day off!

‘Live and Let Lock Down’ was brought to us by the Blake Family – featuring our very own SES ‘Mr Bond’! Congratulations to the Blake Family in winning the competition!

If you are having issues accessing the above video, please watch it here.

The Bealby family’s attempt to “blow the bloody doors off!” with their re-enactment of ‘The Italian Job’:

Ethan and Sasha shared their version of Ghostbusters – We know who we’re gonna call…

The Morse family have gone back to the future with their entry:

Beatrix, who is just 3 years old and attends the Gosling room at Stamford Nursery School, played the role of Matilda in this entry – where it looks like she’s been doing a spot of magic, controlling things with her mind! Congratulations to Beatrix, who was announced runner up in the competition!

If you are having issues accessing the above video, please watch it here.

The force is strong with this entry from Oliver in Year 8, and family:

The Davies aren’t your average family – they’re incredible!

The Midlen family sent us their re-enactment of Jurassic Park:

The Marsden family filmed on location at Hogwarts – with special help from the three-headed dog, Fluffy!

The McEnery family have re-enacted Rain Man:

A brilliant Year 8 entry into our Iconic Film Re-enactment Competition, produced by the Gunn family:

Gavin, in reception, has recently learnt to ride his bike – leading to a brilliant family entry to our SES Iconic Film Re-enactment Competition from E.T!

If you are having issues accessing the above video, please watch it here.

A final entry to our SES Iconic Film Re-enactment Competition, submitted by the SS Maths Department, recreating the iconic Dead Poets Society.

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