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SES manufacture visors for key workers

A team of seven staff from the Stamford Endowed Schools have manufactured and distributed over 12000 face masks for frontline workers across the United Kingdom.

The design of the mask, which has been shared globally with over 100 schools and businesses, involves laser cutting a polypropylene headband and attaching it to a PVC screen. After over 130 iterations of face masks design, it now only takes 58 seconds to laser cut each headband, with the team able to assemble each mask in just 17 seconds.

Masks have been delivered across the UK to over 170 locations, including The Royal Papworth Hospital, with the Schools’ focus now switching to more local distribution. This includes producing over 1200 masks for local care homes, GP surgeries, Police, Veterinary surgeries, the RSPCA and the RNIB.

Steve Newton, Head of Design Technology across the Stamford Endowed Schools, said: “As one of the first schools to start designing face masks, its really pleasing to see many more DT departments requesting our designs so that they can also begin manufacture. We have now shared our designs with over 100 schools in the UK, but also with schools and companies as far away as Australia and New Zealand.

“For anyone who wishes to help, we are accepting donations to support continued manufacture – of which details can be requested from ses@ses.lincs.sch.uk”


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